It’s All Greek To You

Hey! Look! picked The Sea Will Claim Everything as #12 in their Top 10 Indie Games of the Year! They write: It’s the biggest game in the surreal and wonderful Lands of Dream, it sports one of the best soundtracks we’ve ever encountered and unique visuals that wouldn’t feel …

Wanderers’ Tales

(from Lands of Since the beginning of Time (and perhaps before), many have travelled to the Lands of Dream and written about their journeys. Some of these tales are warnings, others are maps to roads that we may follow; all have been of great assistance in my own endeavours. …

Egg-Based Pun Goes Here

The first of many wonderful new things to be released in the next few days is here! The Starving Artists’ Kitchen, Episode 5: Making an Omelette. Go see it!

I miss George

Updates tomorrow very soon! New game, new projects, new episode, new all-kinds-of-stuff. Until then, enjoy the wisdom of George Carlin.

The Guillotine

This is a new song by The Coup. Verena wrote about death. Did you see the new Oneiropolis Compendium entry? It’s about Chelonian Hill. New posts coming soon: info about big new project, various articles, and a new (short) freeware game. Exciting times ahead.  


As if the massive thunderstorms weren’t bad enough, now we have to contend with monsters! And not just regular monsters, but monsters with more monsters on their backs. In other news, why don’t you vote for TSWCE on GOG?

Adventure Time!

We’re off to Greece for a bit more than a couple of weeks. I’ll still post a few updates, even over on the lately somewhat-quiet Lands of Dream site. But mostly I’ll be writing – and planning all those upcoming projects. Yes, there are several, some of them big. And …


So, Steam Greenlight is now a thing that exists, and The Sea Will Claim Everything is on it. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Greenlight is supposed to help get games onto Steam by allowing people to vote for which games they like. Personally I think it …

Behind the Window

A new interview with me has been published by Adventure Classic Gaming. They asked some interesting questions, and as an added bonus the picture gallery includes a special look at what the other side of the window to the Lands of Dream looks like.

Schnitzels, Blogs and Hipsters

News! News! There’s a new episode of the Starving Artists’ Kitchen! Verena’s blog is back! The Sea Will Claim Everything now comes with a Hipster Guarantee! More updates tomorrow. Getting back on track.