Nexus City is dead, long live Nexus City

You may have heard that Terry and I are no longer going to be making Nexus City or Selma’s Story. I already talked about this on Twitter, but I thought I’d post here to clarify things a little.

The games in their current form are definitely cancelled.

Terry and I did not have a falling out.

Terry and I did not have “creative differences”.

Terry and I are not enormous green globbermonkeys. At least not usually.

Terry and I did not fall out of love with the project. We love its story, its world, its characters – and its game mechanics. That’s why it took us so long to make this decision.

So what happened? Well, I think we just went about it the wrong way. Figuring out how to collaborate is a whole process unto itself, especially when both people involved are designers. Collaboration over the internet is difficult enough, but if you add the complexities of life, health, and other projects, it’s easy for things to end up in a weird sort of limbo state. And that’s what happened. We had a lot of great elements, but no momentum.

Is Nexus City over now? Not really. I’m sure Terry will find a way of putting the game mechanics he developed into a game of his own, and I’ll find a way of telling the story of Nexus City in my own way. Selma’s Story, too. Hell, I’ll even tell those stories we considered but never told you about. I’ve got a fascinating world and endless pages of notes. It would be mad to throw that all away. It won’t be the game we were planning, but it will be great anyway. And when it happens, I’ll make sure Uncle Terry gets to be involved in its upbringing.

Furthermore, since Terry and I haven’t had a falling out or anything of the sort, it’s still quite likely that we’ll collaborate at some point – but this time we’ll know how not to screw it up. So don’t worry.