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More Talos Stuff, Mostly

Wow, that’s a creative post title, isn’t it? Sorry, my brain is currently out of order. I’m trying to finish up a big batch of bureaucratic buffoonery just after catching a catastrophic cold and having a horrific headache, so I’m a bit out of sorts. News and stuff: RPS published a lovely The Talos Principle […]


We’re back in Germany now. I’m working on the last stuff I need to do for The Talos Principle and trying to make sure A Postcard From Afthonia works for everyone before I release it. I had some major revelations about Ithaka of the Clouds and The Council of Crows (working title) while in Greece, […]

There and Off Again

The best moment at Gamescom was a little boy playing The Talos Principle and turning to his mother to say “This is so awesome!” The second best was someone who was already trying to decipher the secrets of the plot, just from the demo. There are other important things to mention, though. Like the fact […]

Todash Country

Sometimes I feel like I’m just barely holding on to sanity. It’s not the sense of failure. Sure, I have yet to accomplish the things I want to accomplish most, but for someone who started out with very little, with no capital to invest and parents in a desperately poor country, I’m not doing so […]

Comments Off

I’ve permanently disabled comments for all pages and posts on this website. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. In a way it’s absurd that the notion of turning off comments requires commenting on (hah). Why should it? When did we suddenly simply accept it as natural that every bloody piece of text we […]

Project Update

I recently finished my text game for the upcoming Fear of Twine exhibition. It’s called The Matter of the Great Red Dragon, is set in the Lands of Dream, and has turned out quite wonderful, even though the whole thing came to me in a flash at the last minute, after I’d thrown my original […]

The Greatest Moment in Human History

Always remember the past, comrades!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It’s Christmas here in the Kingdom of Merkel, so I thought I’d share a pretty song. And don’t forget the very special Merry Satan Christmas Discount which will allow you to purchase award-winning game The Sea Will Claim Everything for only $6.66!

Seeking & Selling

Two important links: Verena is looking for an artist/illustrator. (This is a paid job. Badly paid, because we’re poor, but paid. Not “for exposure” or anything like that.) We’ve announced the most amazing DLC for Ithaka of the Clouds you could possibly imagine.

Not on Steam Sale

The Sea Will Claim Everything and a whole bunch of other indie games are on sale right here: We love Steam. But there are lots of great games you can’t currently find there! Discover some of them here, and support indie development. The minimum amount off is 25%, but many games – including TSWCE – […]