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Towards the Council

You may have noticed an absence of updates both here and on the Lands of Dream site. The reason is simple: I’d set myself a deadline for releasing The Council of Crows (November 17th) and I was in full crunch mode trying to reach it. It has finally become apparent to me – with some […]

Designs and Consequences

For those interested in the development of Lands of Dream games, or those curious about game/narrative design in general, a few thoughts about what I’m currently working on. Having added a big and entirely unnecessary secret to the upcoming Steam version of The Sea Will Claim Everything, I thought I was almost finished updating the […]

Ithaka of the Clouds and other news

I’ve just sent this email to our backers: Hi everyone, We thought we’d finally share some news about Ithaka of the Clouds and the Lands of Dream in general, because we know we’ve been entirely too silent. This is not because anything’s gone horribly wrong, by the way, but simply because we’re always worried about […]

Ithaka Update #2

The time we spent in Greece was great for Ithaka of the Clouds. Verena did a lot of drawing every day and, after some stylistic experiments, finished most of the images for the first part of the game. Yes, the game is divided into parts… but I really don’t want to spoil this stuff for […]

Serious, Not Solemn

This is one of main principles behind the Lands of Dream games.

Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά

«Στη σκιά του Αόρατου Βασιλιά» Κείμενο: Ιονάς Κυρατζής Εικονογράφηση: Βερένα Κυρατζή Κατηγορία: Εικονογραφημένη παιδική λογοτεχνία Μερικά βιβλία δεν είναι μονάχα ιστορίες, είναι ολόκληροι κόσμοι. Τα ανοίγεις και ταξιδεύεις. Το βιβλίο που κρατάς στα χέρια σου θα σε μεταφέρει σε δύο πολύ μακρινές χώρες, όπου θα γνωρίσεις περίεργα και όμορφα πλάσματα με ανθρώπινα ιδανικά. Για παρέα […]

Clearer Stretch Goals

I’ve been asked to clarify our stretch goals for Ithaka of the Clouds, so I’ve made a list. With numbers and stuff. $13,500 – remake The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge $14,000 – update The Book of Living Magic, add minor improvements to The Fabulous Screech $15,000 – remake […]

This Is Actually Happening

Enough people have gotten together and contributed money that a game about gay trolls based on the poetry of Kavafis is actually happening. Seriously. Wow. I don’t know how many people are out there who want interactive storytelling rooted in literature and poetry and philosophy, with political undertones and bad puns… but there are enough. […]


(Because nothing says “thoughtful, intelligent art” like a lolcat. Right?)

Stretch Goals

So, what would happen if our Indiegogo campaign got more money than we asked for? Our life would generally be easier, since we asked for the bare minimum required to make Ithaka of the Clouds, but that’s not all: we’d also use the money to go back and remake/update The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale […]