This Is Actually Happening

This landscape does not have a description.

Enough people have gotten together and contributed money that a game about gay trolls based on the poetry of Kavafis is actually happening.



I don’t know how many people are out there who want interactive storytelling rooted in literature and poetry and philosophy, with political undertones and bad puns… but there are enough.

Ithaka of the Clouds is a game that will exist.

We can’t thank you enough.


  1. BlueJay

    Congratulations dude! 😀

    Yeah, on the one hand it’s pretty amazing that it succeeded, but on the other hand I honestly never doubted you all for a second! You’ve touched too many lives with your games not to have people contribute.

    Now we just need to fund those stretch goals right? 😀

    Anywho, hope you, Verena and Chris too for that matter all have an epically awesome celebration! All your fans will be celebrating I’m sure. So go have that cake you mentioned!

  2. Think of it this way. The Lands of Dream games are strange and unusual, like their author. They appeal to a niche audience — strange and unusual people who happen to have similar tastes to that author. Those among this group who are lucky enough to discover your games find in them something they can’t find anywhere else, and those unique experiences are treasured.

    This was the premise of a very inspiring talk at GDC 2012 that convinced me to start in earnest on a dream project of my own. It is the glorious reason why unique, well-crafted, passion-driven indie games will always have a willing audience waiting somewhere for them. Your work is no exception.

  3. Elijah Little

    I love your writing style and the world you’ve created. Your games are so good because you’ve fleshed out the world it’s set in so well that it feels documented and plausibly real. I also like the intellectual aspects to your works such as the poetry and philosophy. But… I felt like TSWCE forced a somewhat hokey political theme that felt like it should have been an undertone rather than the main focus. It was like replacing Obama and Romney with Gandalf and Saruman. It kinda spoiled that fantastically immersive world that you crafted. I mean, the idea of them overthrowing an oppressor was nice but it could have been less preachy. Still one of my favorites though.

  4. Well… I can’t say I agree, but that much should be obvious.

    (I especially disagree about the suggestion that the game’s story is a thinly veiled allegory – Urizen has been a part of the Lands of Dream since before the economic crisis, and the political situation of the Fortunate Isles isn’t identical to that of the EU. I assume your example about Romney/Saruman and Obama/Gandalf is hopefully just a random pick, since I in no way identify Obama with anything progressive, and generally despise allegory.)

    Glad you liked the game, though! 🙂

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