Sing About Love

I was going to write something about why I keep going on and on about politics when I hate politics, but then I remembered that this song exists and says everything more eloquently than I could.

Links! 18/01/2014

Hey, it’s four in the morning and I can’t sleep, so here are some links! I’m currently reading “Debt: The First 5000 Years” by David Graeber, and it’s gone from highly interesting to immensely frustrating. This review over at The Charnel-House is the best I’ve found so far, though I …

The Bravery of Being out of Range

Ah, good old Roger Waters. The imagery at the beginning may no longer apply to the current Leader of the Free World, but the rest? This still says everything: Just love those laser-guided bombs They’re really great For righting wrongs You hit the target And win the game From bars …


Εγώ που κάνω όνειρα κι έχω πολλά ωραία να χάσω κάνω και την αρχή — δε γουστάρω να ησυχάσω. Τι άλλο φοβάσαι, πες μου, και θα γίνω κι ας έχω τόσα πολλά κι ωραία να χάσω. Κι ούτε στιγμή μη ρωτάς τι θα απογίνω, μου φτάνει που δε γουστάρω να …

Merry Christmas

I don’t worship magical trees myself, but this song is so very beautiful, it’s always worth posting again. So is my other favourite Christmas song: Merry Magic Tree Day, humans!

The Guillotine

This is a new song by The Coup. Verena wrote about death. Did you see the new Oneiropolis Compendium entry? It’s about Chelonian Hill. New posts coming soon: info about big new project, various articles, and a new (short) freeware game. Exciting times ahead.  

So Much To Say

There’s a lot to say – about Greenlight, future projects, privilege in the games industry… all kinds of things, really. And I’ll start writing about all that tomorrow. (There’s also an episode of The Starving Artists’ Kitchen that is ready, but which I realized at the last moment contains a …