The Music of the Lands of Dream – Part I

Here’s an update from Chris Christodoulou, the amazingly talented composer of The Sea Will Claim Everything and now Ithaka of the Clouds:

Hi, I don’t believe we have met before. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chris and I’m your travel age— sorry, I mean I’m the composer of Ithaka of the Clouds. Some of you may know that I’ve worked with Jonas and Verena before on “The Sea Will Claim Everything”. What most of you might not know though is that TSWCE turned out to be one of the best projects I’ve ever done. I loved it so much that when I learned that Jonas is making a new Lands of Dream game I didn’t wait to see if he would contact me for the gig, instead I immediately sent him an e-mail asking for it (more like demanding actually). As you can see my strategy was successful!

For this crowd-funding campaign Jonas and I thought it would be nice if I made a small video about the music of the game. After all some of the money—your money—is coming to me, not to mention that many of you will be getting the soundtrack of the game once it’s released. It’s only fair if you have an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes, music-wise.

But what would the content of said video actually be?

I really didn’t want to stand in front of the camera and talk about music. I could do that… Believe me, I could do that all day long, but there would be no point to it… Instead, I thought I’d get a bit more practical and actually write a piece from scratch for all of you lovely people helping us out.

So, in the video below (and the next one or two… or one, we’ll see…) you’ll get a glimpse of what goes into writing a Lands of Dream piece—or rather, a part of a piece. If you can’t read music don’t worry about it, you can just listen. And if at any point things get a tiny-bit too technical, fear not. Just let the little black dots do the talking.

Thank you for watching, thank you for the support and see you next time,


P.S. By the way, if any of you have questions about the music do leave a comment here or on YouTube and I’ll get back to you with another comment or in the next video.

The video is really worth watching, even if you don’t know anything about composing. I don’t, and I thought it was amazing.

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