The Guillotine

This is a new song by The Coup.

Verena wrote about death.

Did you see the new Oneiropolis Compendium entry? It’s about Chelonian Hill.

New posts coming soon: info about big new project, various articles, and a new (short) freeware game. Exciting times ahead.


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  1. Admiral Skippy

     /  October 16, 2012

    Jonas, while I imagine we disagree a little bit politically*, I thought Traitor, Alphaland and Phenomenon 32 were amazing, and I enjoyed what little experience I’ve had of your Lands of Dream games. I understand things are really difficult sometimes and just wanted to take the time to say I think you’re fantastic ; ), and hang in there!

    *(Not on the kind of world we want to strive for and think everyone deserves to live in, just on the route which will actually work for getting there.)