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The Fifth Estate

I wasn’t going to do another political post straight away, but this is too good not to post. Sums up everything that is wrong with that facile propaganda piece (from the masterful director of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Prawn).

A Summary of Shyamalan

I still get a certain amount of visitors who are here because they’re interested in or appalled by the fact that I refuse to join the geek chorus of people condemning the work of M. Night Shyamalan. But the posts they’re likely to see are out of date and weren’t necessarily written as a detailed […]

The Starving Artists Kitchen Show – Episode 01: Making Bread

Are you in the mood for something awesome? And perhaps also a little hungry? Well, here you: our new cooking show. How did we come up with our latest crazy project? It’s quite simple, really. As our friends will attest to, Verena is an amazing cook, and one thing she’s always said is that cooking […]

Matt Chat 112: Museum of Broken Memories with Jonas Kyratzes

Part 2 of the Matt Chat interview is out, in which I somehow manage not to make a complete fool of myself. It also contains a visual that made me laugh out loud – thanks, Matt, that was awesome!


Since Commentarium is still down (working on getting it back, though), let me just briefly say that I really enjoyed Thor. Chris Hemsworth is fantastic, the writing and story are quite good and put the emphasis where it’s needed, the visuals are mostly excellent (occasionally brilliant), the music is very good, and… yeah. It has […]

The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part Four

The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part Three

The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part Two

A bit mumbly and confused, perhaps, but this video contains many things that I think are very important.

The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part One

This is the first in a series of videos that follow the creation of The Book of Living Magic. Enjoy – and spread the word!

Get the Indian-loving homo, quickly!

So I appear to have gotten into another online scuffle with fanatics. Apparently a group dedicated to hating M. Night Shyamalan and The Last Airbender has taken great offense at my articles, and my attempts to explain my opinion (in the comments). Now, get this, because it’s too precious for words: they claim the movie […]