The Starving Artists Kitchen Show – Episode 01: Making Bread

Are you in the mood for something awesome? And perhaps also a little hungry? Well, here you: our new cooking show.

How did we come up with our latest crazy project? It’s quite simple, really. As our friends will attest to, Verena is an amazing cook, and one thing she’s always said is that cooking isn’t as incredibly difficult as a lot of writers make it out to be. So why not make a fun little show that explains how to cook things from a low-budget perspective? That’s the reality most people face anyway, whether they’re starving artists or not.

We’re just getting started with this, and if this goes well, we’ll expand the show’s web presence as we go. For now, you can visit us on Facebook. Mainly, though, we hope you enjoy our first episode! (And, as usual, spread the word.)

Now go learn how to make bread.

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