The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part Two

A bit mumbly and confused, perhaps, but this video contains many things that I think are very important.


  1. It’s set in the same world, though far away from the desert. Chronologically, it takes places before Desert Bridge, but it’s not a direct prequel.

    It does contain some things referenced in Desert Bridge (especially in book titles), like Raven Locks and the Mutant Priests of Gloop.

  2. kokkinos_oskar


    as expected, I can’t see the video. Do you have a way to send it in a small file? Megaupload works for example.

    Btw. I can access Wikipedia, Wikileaks, german Google News as well as all major newspapers. What doesn’t work are Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (though I can see the Updates on the sidebar).

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  4. James Patton

    I only just got a chance to spread the word on my forum of choice:

    This is looking really interesting. The visual style is fantastic and is more appealing each time I see something new. The map’s lovely. And using the childlike style to depict horrible things – the forest of eyeballs, for example – should be really eerie in-game.

    Regarding the scanner problem, you could always laminate the pictures or cover them with some sort of transparent sheeting – although, of course, that might be more time-consuming that cleaning the scanner.

  5. I’m overjoyed to hear of another game in the Lands of Dream canon! 😀

    Also, you’re working with Terry Cavanagh and I didn’t know when I was hanging out with him at GDC ARRRGH. (He snuck me into a panel partially about my own game!)

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on both of your big projects and I’m also game to help out in small ways. If you need more vocals, for instance, I’m much more practiced now and have some professional equipment to record with.

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