The Book of Living Magic, Progress Report 2

First of all – my heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated and helped to get the word out, especially Terry and the Gnome. (Terry and the Gnome. Sounds like a TV series, doesn’t it?) The situation has gone from terrible to merely bad, and trust me, that is a big step forward. I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Even Alphaland has been given a chance at survival, thanks to Terry.

(Life seems to be a process of accumulating favours you can never repay.)

Tomorrow will bring the second part of the Makingofvideodiaryblogthing. For now, a list of things that we’ve accomplished:

  • Most of the graphics are done, including inventory items. The graphics for the intro and the ending still need to be done, and Verena is currently drawing the map. No, wait, she just finished it. It’s pretty!
  • I spent most of my time today working on the interface.
  • The game’s design and story are all there. I know which item does what and which character has a marble stuck up their nose and all that stuff. OK, so I knew most of this before we got started, but still. Having a detailed outline is very useful.
  • I’ve come up with quite a few terrible jokes.
  • More in the video tomorrow!

Our energy reserves still haven’t quite recovered from that damn bronchitis (we’re much better, but still coughing a little and getting tired too easily), so I’ll stop working now and try to relax a little. Tomorrow the really hard work begins for me.

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