I’ve put up a donation button again. I was hoping not to, but things are getting very tight, and if you can spare a bit of money, you could help keep two artists and a cat from starving. We’re working hard on The Book of Living Magic, but the problems we encountered with Alphaland and the time we lost being very sick lately have sent us into a really difficult situation.

If you could help us to keep going for a while, we’ll make some really good games.


  1. Eric

    Jonas, is there any way you could make the Paypal link more friendly for English speakers (or maybe recommend an alternate way to donate)? The link’s going to a German page right now and while I can sort of guess what’s going on, my German is not quite good enough to get me through it.

  2. It’s in German? Oh. And I set the silly thing to English!

    …trying again…

    Did I get it right now? I’d set it to “Germany – English” which I presumed would tell it that I’m in Germany but would like the page to be in English, but for some reason that didn’t work. So now it’s set to “United Kingdom – English”.

    (And thank you!)

  3. James Patton

    I donated a little. Sorry it’s not much, but I don’t have a great deal myself.

    Best of luck with this, and I hope you get through this rough patch. I can’t express how much I want you to keep making games!

    Also, have you thought of telling a few websites (such as that you’ve started making The Book of Living Magic and have put up a Making Of video? I daresay they’d be interested, and you’d get more traffic (and possibly more donations and more chance of a sponsor).

  4. Thank you! Right now every little bit makes a very big difference in our life.

    I have thought about writing to a few websites, and will take your advice and do so tomorrow, when I’ve recovered a little. The last few days have been rough.

  5. James Patton

    Sorry to hear things have been so tough lately. It sounds like you’ve been dealt a really bad hand lately which must be incredibly frustrating.

    Let us know which sites you write to; people on here might know of some which you might not have thought of.

  6. @BiggerJ: Thank you very much! The situation with Alphaland is annoying, because it’s so bloody inconsistent (and I thought I had gotten over that by using commercial software, but no). Since the game mechanics are really simple, Terry has started remaking the game for me in proper Flash – which is yet more proof that he is one of the nicest people on the planet.

  7. @James: I’d love to hear all your suggestions! I’m really bad at this sort of thing, and not too terrific at selling my work, so I probably won’t come up with half the sites I ought to write to.

    Which sites do you think might be interested?

  8. James Patton

    I was also going to suggest the indie games weblog and RPS; gnome clearly has his head screwed on right. You could also send messages to more mainstream sites like joystiq, kotaku and giantbomb but they’re less niche, I think. The only other site I regularly check for gaming updates is gamasutra; you might want to give them a shot, but since indiegames is their sister site it might be unnecessary.

    Also, how do you feel about people spreading the word on forums? I’d probably focus on the “He’s released a new video and is awesome!” angle rather than the “he needs donations” angle, but I think just getting the word out would be beneficial for everyone: you get more exposure and more chance of donations and a sponsor, and everyone we tell finds some fantastic indie projects they may not have known about.

  9. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I have no problem with people spreading the word about the making of (and the game) in forums, as long as the people in those forums don’t perceive it as spamming. And I’d certainly prefer you to focus on the video and the game rather than on the donations! Getting donations is incredibly helpful right now, but we’re not making the videos as some kind of marketing tool. We just thought it would be cool for people to get an honest look at how we make games.

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