The Making of “The Book of Living Magic” – Part One

This is the first in a series of videos that follow the creation of The Book of Living Magic. Enjoy – and spread the word!


  1. wow, I didn’t expect you to sound so…english. I thought you would have sunded more like verena :p (not that theres anything wrong with an accent, I rather like un british accents)

    looking forward to the new game

  2. James Patton

    Just wanted to say it was great fun watching the video: I always like it when developers show you how they produce their works. The section on the art style was especially interesting: Verena’s clearly an excellent artist so it’s intriguing how using a magic marker kind of forces her to draw in this child-like style.

  3. Thanks for letting us see Verena draw. It’s always fascinating (to me, at least) to see other people involved in visual arts work.

    I hope you receive more than enough help so you guys can make more games. 🙂

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  5. dieter brummer

    Heard rock’n’roll pianist Ben Folds tell an anecdote about when people asked him how he stayed motivated to become a professional musician, the unfortunate truth was that he’d sit down to write in the evening with his bills on the music stand in front of him instead of sheet music. Jus’ can’t underestimate that need to eat as a motivating force.

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