The Book of Living Magic, Progress Report 1

As mentioned in the previous post, Verena and I are working on a new Lands of Dream game entitled The Book of Living Magic, which we aim to finish in the next few days. I’ll be posting the occasional progress report as we go, and there will also be a video blog/making of/thing.

For now, I’m happy to report that almost all the graphics for Oddness Standing, the village where the game begins, are done, and I’ve worked out most of the technical details of how the game is going to work. Oh, and did I mention Helen Trevillion will be composing the music? Her soundtrack for Desert Bridge was incredible, so I’m really looking forward to what she’s going to come up with.

On a different subject, I made some updates to the main menu and first screen of Alphaland, and I now feel more confident that the game’s opening will not entirely confuse people.

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