Phenomenon 32 Released

After fourteen months of hard work, an unspecified number of nervous breakdowns, and entirely too many postponements, Phenomenon 32 is ready to be released. I won’t say it’s finished, since we all know that games are never finished, only compiled – but it’s there, and you can play it.

It’s hard for me to describe what I’m feeling right now; pride, tiredness and terror are all part of it. I’m happy that the game works for me, that I enjoyed playing it; terrified that it will have technical problems or unforseen issues. I guess it’s normal to feel that way when releasing anything – a book, a game, a child.

I’m sure there’s still plenty of frustration and bug-hunting and screaming at the ceiling in store for me, but it feels good to have reached this goal. Others can now explore the strange Earth I spent the last fourteen months on. That is a good feeling.

And once I’ve gotten some sleep, there is so much more to work on – stuff I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. There’s a movie, and a new game, and screenplays, and short stories, and all sorts of other stuff.

I’ll talk about all that later. For now, it is time for you to begin your journey to the ruins of Earth, where nothing is what it used to be…


  1. Jonas, once the installer started installing City1.mp3, everything came back corrupted. At first, I thought it was that one file, but then every audio file afterwards was corrupted, and I thought it was just that folder. Then a .ogg file came back corrupted, and I realized something was wrong. What happened?
    I got it off of Filefront, if that’s important.

  2. Dojutrek

    It seems that the Filedropper link is fine, but it’s a low-speed download. Otherwise, it installs fine and everything is looking good so far.

  3. BiggerJ

    You mentioned earlier, when you’d completely given up, that you’d given up on making games forever and ever. Is that still the case, or will we ever see a conclusion to the SGDS storyline?

  4. BiggerJ

    Oh god I just found the ‘would you like to be in my next game’ page. Thanks for not giving up on games, and showing more of the Lands of Dream!

  5. Thanks everyone – I’ve removed the FileFront download (damn!) and am about to start uploading to other places again. It’s a very slow process though, so it might take a few hours.

  6. BiggerJ

    I’ve downloaded the game, but there don’t seem to be any icons on the map, not even for HQ. Is this intentional? What should I be looking for?

  7. That means the game is having trouble creating files. Can you try running it with administrator privileges (if you’re not)?

    Also, two more questions:

    a) What version of Windows are you using?
    b) Where is your “My Documents” folder?

  8. The problem may be that Windows 7 structures its folders in a different way than XP and Vista.

    Could you do a search for a folder called “Phenomenon 32 Saves”? I wonder where it is.

  9. Hmmm. So for some reason, the game can’t create the folder. I really need to discuss this with people in the Construct forums.

    It might be possible to manually create the folder, but I suspect the game still wouldn’t be able to create the files. (You could try putting the folder in C, which is where it is created on my PC.)

    Is there some kind of compatibility mode in Windows 7?

  10. BiggerJ

    Using Compatibility Mode doesn’t work (I haven’t tried the superior XP Mode, because my previous attempt at installing Virtual PC, which it requires, failed completely), and neither does installing the game in C:\Ph32.

    I hope this problem doesn’t crush your spirit like last time. It’s clearly not your fault and at this point I think you have the right to complain about Construct.

  11. I didn’t explain myself well there – what I meant is that you could try creating a folder called “C:\Phenomenon 32 Saves\” and see if that helps.

    I also don’t really want to complain about Construct, because it’s free, and it’s still pre-1.0, and Windows 7 is fairly new.

    As long as it’s not everyone who has this problem, I think I’ll be OK. And I’ll try to find a solution of some kind.

  12. Jonas, I tried to download the installer from Filedropper, and it gave me a message saying the setup files were corrupt, and to get a new copy. Great. Is anybody else having this problem?

  13. Luke

    Been waiting three days for the download mirror links now. Can’t be that slow, can it?

    I was hoping to write about it on our site, but at this rate I’m more likely to lose interest before that happens. I’ll give you another twelve hours to do it, max.

  14. You didn’t pay for this game. It’s free. I’m uploading things at the best speed I can, given my extremely limited resources. If you’re not interested, fine, but don’t be going around giving me time limits. This is a free game, developed by one person, and I have neither a whole department to take care of these things nor the responsibility to the customers of a commercial entity.

    I have already provided a download mirror from this site, by the way. And right now it’s going a bit more slowly because I’m fixing bugs before uploading a new version, so that more people can play the game.

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