Phenomenon 32

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Phenomenon 32 is a free 2D exploration/platforming game with RPG elements.


In an alternate 1940s, scientists discover an extremely powerful and dangerous new area of physics, code-named Phenomenon 32. Years before it can be fully understood, the United States government uses it to create the ultimate weapon: the Reality Bomb, whose blast not only destroys matter, but shatters reality itself.

By the 1950s, the Great Depression has reached an unimaginable low. With the threat of revolution and pressure from the multinationals on the inside, and the aggressive policies of Stalinist Russia on the outside, the government sees only one way of revitalizing the economy: war.

Within less than a day, the Earth is gone. The Reality Bomb has done its work.

Twenty years later, a small population of humans is still alive on the moon. Previously dismissed and laughed about as a waste of money, the Moon Colony is now humanity’s last shelter from the insanity of war. But the Moon Colony was never meant to be completely self-sufficient, and now resources are finally running out.

There is only one place to get more.

In a special ship designed to withstand the dangerous environments of Earth, you are sent to explore our former planet, to gather information for research, and to find all the materials needed for the Moon Colony to survive.

But Earth is no longer the Earth we knew. Things have shifted; out from the cracks in reality, dangerous creatures have appeared. Radiation from Soviet bombs is widely spread; and in some places, reality itself is so fractured that not even your ship’s shields can protect you. Phenomenon 32 has turned the Earth into something… unknown.


Written, Designed and Developed by Jonas Kyratzes

Developed in Construct

Music by B.L.Underwood


Evan Balster as Jonathan T. Wilson

Marcus Heckler as Martin Lazius

Verena Kyratzes as Emma Bronstein

Jonas Kyratzes
as Alexander al-Farabi

Dana Pastor as Anna Halvorsen

Sebastian Preußer
as Klaus McKie

Ivaylo Shmilev as Svetlozar Georgiev


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  2. Frozeni

    Must be the only game here which i did not enjoy playing.. Not more than 10 minutes.

    The game itself just feels so sluggish somehow, controls are way too unresponsive, thus leaving me no chance to react to incoming enemies. (My comp. fits very well in the recommended specs)

    I’m sure the story in this game is awesome, and the theme seems nice as well. Graphics fit the atmosphere nicely too.

    It would have been a nice game to enjoy i bet, but the lack of responsiviness is just making it frustrating to play, as many actions you would have survived but that slight delay in controls makes it so frustrating. And eventually it just becomes doing the same thing over and over again until you finally manage to pass some part of the level. Then you die, again.

    With bigger in-view map and more responsive controls this would have been a huge enjoyement to play.

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  4. brome

    Really enjoyed the game and agree with everyone with positive replies here. Took one run once, completed the game, then took second one a bit later and now i have a question.
    What’s the purpose of reconstruction workshop? I mean, i completed scavenging some of the items and then what?) Do i have to look for that upgrade in the workshop?)

    Anyway, thanks for truly amazing experience playing this and other games you made (=

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  7. Ziggi

    Dear Mr. Kyratzes!
    I have two questions….
    Are all things in the reconstruction workshop
    possible to get at?
    How many areas are there on the map?
    I#M through the game twice now. It’s great.
    But I’d like to make it complete before leaving earth.

  8. I haven’t looked at this game in a very long time, and its development was more than a little rough, but as far as I know it should be possible to get all the things in the reconstruction workshop. As for the number of levels, it’s somewhere just below 80, but I’ll have to look it up and get back to you.

  9. Benjamin Soulé

    This game is a sun.
    The leveldesign and the lack of instructions remind me my childhood. Back then, videogames was looking like boundless worlds, where there is always something new to discover.
    That’s exactly the feeling I had when I played your game. I was thinking it was gone forever.
    Thank you.

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