Phenomenon 32 and other news

So, with the game out for less than a day, we have learned the following:

  • The game probably doesn’t run on Windows 7. Still experimenting with this.
  • The file hosts sometimes don’t work properly. I had to remove the FileFront download because the files were corrupted, and Filedropper seems to work inconsistently (a lot of people had no problems, but some did). I am currently hosting the game on my own website as well, which is rather bad, and am working on more alternatives. Unfortunately, uploading a 240MB game is slow work.
  • Not a lot of feedback yet, but the game is big and it only came out yesterday.

In other news, you can really tell what a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Clearly there’s still work to do, but it’s nothing compared to the task of bringing the game to its current state, and I feel much better than I have in a while. In fact, in the last ten hours alone I wrote a new short story and submitted another one to a literary magazine. How awesome is that?

Oh, and don’t forget that you could be in my next game!

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