Phenomenon 32 and other news

So, with the game out for less than a day, we have learned the following:

  • The game probably doesn’t run on Windows 7. Still experimenting with this.
  • The file hosts sometimes don’t work properly. I had to remove the FileFront download because the files were corrupted, and Filedropper seems to work inconsistently (a lot of people had no problems, but some did). I am currently hosting the game on my own website as well, which is rather bad, and am working on more alternatives. Unfortunately, uploading a 240MB game is slow work.
  • Not a lot of feedback yet, but the game is big and it only came out yesterday.

In other news, you can really tell what a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Clearly there’s still work to do, but it’s nothing compared to the task of bringing the game to its current state, and I feel much better than I have in a while. In fact, in the last ten hours alone I wrote a new short story and submitted another one to a literary magazine. How awesome is that?

Oh, and don’t forget that you could be in my next game!


  1. I may have lied; when I get to the main map screen, there are no obvious destinations, clicking around does nothing, and the bottom-right status bar just reads “scanning.” I seem to remember destinations being clearly marked in the prerelease version.

  2. That’s unfortunate. I’ve tried installing it outside of Program Files (which usually fixes this sort of issue) as well as running in compatibility mode and as an administrator. Nothing works. It looks like I’m gonna have to miss out on Ph32.

  3. That is even stranger. What exactly is happening?

    I’m going to discuss this with the Construct people, maybe we can do something about it.

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone.

  4. Dammit.
    I dunno what’s wrong, but apparently, when I tried to download it from Filedropper, it wasn’t Filedropper’s fault it didn’t work. I just tried to download it off this site, and I was looking at it as it downloaded. I could plainly see that the estimated time remaining was over 30 minutes, yet, all of a sudden, the download stopped, as in it looked as if it had completed normally. I knew something was fishy when that happened, but I just had to make sure. I run the installer, and sure enough, the damned thing was corrupted, same exact error message, so I’m assuming it’s the same reason as when I tried downloading it from Filedropper, I just must not have noticed when the Filedropper download did that. So I think it’s safe to assume this problem is on my end.
    tl;dr, I was mistaken in thinking Filedropper was causing me problems (I think).
    Jesus, this was, like, the third time I tried to download the damned thing! I’m going through all this trouble to install a game that probably won’t even be able to run without bringing my system to its knees (and still lagging horribly). Grah!

  5. Another friend mentioned the same thing happening – first download stopped too early, the second one went fine. Might be the size of the file. Alternatives are still in the works.

  6. Dojutrek

    Well, I just completed Phenomenon 32 a few minutes ago. I say completed, but I probably didn’t find 100%. I didn’t run into many problems while playing (apart from the rare random crash) and the game ran beautifully on my PC, but there were a few things I thought odd.

    The first thing is that the Reconstruction screen (Workshop IV) seemed to glitch out. This happened when I obtained research module of a technology that was already completed (Advanced Hull Plating for example). While this didn’t affect the game any in terms of stability it did seem rather odd, but I chose to ignore it and it wasn’t a big issue.

    There was also a Reconstruction Computer that seemed bugged, but rather then post its location here I’ll send you an E-mail. Before that however, I’m going to double check during my second play through just to make sure.

    Another thing was that when I had completed the game, I was missing about 1 or 2 of the Reconstruction computers. I trumped this up to going too fast and not paying attention. A consideration for a future patch/update is to include some minor redundancy for things that were missed or overlooked.

    Otherwise, the game was challenging and the atmosphere was superb. I already plan on doing a second play through in the coming days to see what I had missed.

    Thank you for releasing this beautiful game. It’s a real gem.

  7. First of all – yay! I’m glad you liked it!

    Now, the Reconstruction Workshop – yes, it would bug out if you got more than the normal amount of points on any of the projects. Only… that’s not supposed to be possible! I must have miscounted somewhere. I’ll add code that fixes this.

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