Reconstruction Bug

So, one little bug has been detected in the game: the Reconstruction Workshop sometimes bugs out. Nothing lethal or game-stopping: just a small, silly error that may make it impossible to complete some projects. And I’ve already determined the cause and fixed it in the code. Later today I’ll upload a patch and replace the buggy version with the new one.

I’m also working on making the game run on Windows 7.

Keep playing.

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  1. BiggerJ

     /  May 12, 2010

    Do you think you’ll find a way to make the game work on Windows 7?

  2. BiggerJ

     /  May 12, 2010

    Also, although I’ve only seen the map screen and the starts of a few levels, there’s one thing that’s stuck with me: the map screen itself. It’s rather unsettling. Upon seeing it, I started calling the setting ‘Former Earth’ until I realized that the map screen’s ‘vibe’ was making me genuinely uncomfortable with just calling it ‘Earth’. That is brilliant.

  3. Yes, I think I’ve got a chance at making it work.

    And it’s absolutely awesome that the map screen worked that way for you. It was certainly the intention.