Sleep now, game tomorrow

I have gone over everything again. It seems to be working; crashes exist but are very rare, and don’t damage anything. The installer works, too. I’m still paranoid, because little changes sometimes have huge, unforseen effects, but I think it might be OK.

It frustrates me more than I can tell you that I have had to postpone the release again, but it was for the best. I feel much better now, having tested it all yet again. Maybe Monday isn’t the best day to release a game, but who cares? What matters is that it’s done, and that it will be released.

But first I will get some sleep. I’ve been going over the code for the last 15 hours with almost not a single stop. I’m exhausted. I have nothing else to do tomorrow, so first thing in the morning I will start uploading the game.

And then I can finally tell you about all the other cool stuff I’ve been working on…

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