The Lands of Dream await you

There now is an official Lands of Dream site. Many awesome things shall be posted there. I am very happy that it finally exists.

More importantly, The Sea Will Claim Everything is now available from said website for 10$. (I thought about making it $9.99, but that’s always seemed like such an irritating marketing trick to me, so why do it myself?)

If you haven’t found out why awesome people like Matt Barton said things like

At first glance, the game’s cutesy, cartoony graphics and simplistic interface give the impression that this is a juvenile game designed for small children. However, it soon becomes apparent that the game is in fact a deeply political, philosophical, and even academic narrative that defies easy description. It is to adventure games what Umberto Eco’s Il nome della rosa is to murder mystery novels.

about it, now is the time to find out!

Also included with the new release is The Road to Underhome, the story of how and why the game was made. This was not present in the Bundle in a Box version, but will be added to it soon, so if you bought that you will still be able to get it. Don’t worry, everything shall be taken care of.

Now, if you haven’t had a chance to visit the Fortunate Isles yet, the portal awaits…


  1. Lin

    It looks exactly as it should. 🙂 I’m really happy that The Land of Dreams has its own place now, it deserved one.

    Minor question: I’d like to gift the game. Is there a gifting option or will I be given a link that I can pass on?

    Hope Verena is doing better!

  2. Lands of Dream's New Frequent Visitor

    It looks great. Or, as the mushrooms would say, totally excelent, dude! I had to fight with the urge to throw the “First comment!” comment. I especially liked your suggestion to kids who want to grow some actual brains instead of pink mush.

    Over the last month I went through the whole Lands of Dream tour. I had played most of Desert Bridge, but got stuck near the end (that damn marzipan was hard to find) and left it laying there, told myself I’ll go back later, I’ll go back later, and you started releasing more Land of Dreams games and the Compendium. I read the Compendium entrances but I just didn’t want to play newer Lands of Dream before finishing Desert Bridge. I had waited so long I just decided to play it again from the beginning. And man, they’re great. Desert Bridge is friggin’ huge, there’s so much detail, so many references I probably got only a few of them, and so many weird words I had no idea what they meant, I actually had to play it with an online dictionary.

    After that I blazed through Book of Living Magic and Scheech, considerably shorter, more linear, and as you’ve been repeatedly told, pure awesome. I had read so many times that The Fabulous Scheech was an emotional, touching game, I though it wouldn’t hit me so hard. But it somehow managed to bring a tear to my eye. If there’s a discussion over the spectre of emotions a game can evoke, just show them Scheech.

    And now its TSWCE, which so far, well, you know. And it looks great. And the music is perfect. Actually, I have to say, apart from you guys, the guys who made the music deserve so much credit. I don’t know how closely you worked with them, but the music is always just perfect. It fits, it creates the mood, it’s sometimes sad, it’s sometimes playful, sometimes even scary and foreboding, and most times, several of those things. Hats off to all four of you.

    If there’s one thing I would criticize, is that I think politics don’t belong in games. I mean, games need to be a distraction from real life, and not throw politics in the way…

    Nah, just kiddin’. That’s probably one of the greatest things you’re stuff has. Each one of your games and writting has it somewhere – even Traitor, the “casual shmup”, had all over. How anyone was surprised to find it in this one is beyond me.

  3. Laurie Cheers

    Hi – I thought about buying the game, but I’m not really sure what I’m buying. Do you have a demo available?

    (And PS: Why does your store page demand a phone number? There’s no need to be so intrusive; any little obstacle you put in the way can be enough to make an impulse buyer decide not to give you $10…)

  4. There is currently no demo, but playing one of the two flash games set in the Lands of Dream might give you an idea about the kind of “flavour” to expect. TSWCE is smoother and bigger and more complex, but the spirit is the same.

    As for the phone number, that seems to be a FastSpring thing, not something I’ve intentionally set up that way. I’ll investigate whether it’s possible to turn it off.

  5. I’ve checked – the phone number field is part of FastSpring’s anti-fraud system and can only be removed if they allow it. I’ve submitted a request, but since the game is still new, there’s a good chance they’ll say no.

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