Good news

Verena has now finally talked to the person officially in charge of the investigation (man, that sounds like there was a murder or something) and as it turns out, this person is not a bully like the one we previously had to deal with. This makes me no happier about the state of the German law (it should hardly be dependent on whom you get assigned to), but it means that it may be possible to avoid the worst of the nonsense. Which is quite the relief, let me tell you. I obviously should avoid making too many statements here, but we both feel a little better. Dealing with the injuries was bad enough, we didn’t need people saying the sort of things to Verena that I wrote about in the previous post (yes, those were real quotes).

Oh, and I got my payment for the tragically neglected Bundle in a Box. After the vet and the rent and everything else I have to pay for there won’t be much left, but there will be enough to finally send out all the remaining Oneiropolis Compendium entries! Yes! Not having sent them felt most terrible.

Anyway. Back to re-releasing The Sea Will Claim Everything.