I’m still here. Working very hard on creative things and being entirely too obsessive. Will be able to reveal more soon, I hope. Financially everything is still shit, so any donations (even if only of a few dollars) are greatly appreciated. But creatively things are mostly good. Rejections for short stories suck and no book news yet, but the other projects might make up for that, at least psychologically.

Damn. Being too vague. More soon. I hope. Very much.

Please keep supporting Echoes and Awakening. Awakening in particular seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people, but it could really use more visibility. A “making of” will hopefully follow in the near future. And it should be about time for the Phenomenon 32 bloopers.


  1. The newer one of the two stories, which is more science fictional, went to Asimov’s. They sent a personalized rejection saying the story was nicely done but didn’t quite work for them, and they look forward to my next story. I’d love to submit another one, but I don’t have one – short stories only come to me rarely. (The problem with this one, I think, is that while it is set on an alien planet, it features no advanced technology or interspecies contact or anything of the sort.)

    The older one is even more problematic, because it takes place in some kind of borderland between the post-apocalyptic and the poetic. Basically, it puts everyone off: the setting is too science fictiony in its imagery for the literary magazines and too metaphorical for the science fiction magazines. It’s also essentially epic/religious/philosophical, and lacking in cynicism (though not in darkness), which is not exactly fashionable. It’s been rejected by everything from Glimmer Train to Strange Horizons, even by some small magazines where I was absolutely convinced that it fit in with their “dark but literary” (sigh) aesthetic. And yet everyone who’s ever read it tells me that it’s quite good, and I’m arrogant enough to think so too. It just seems to be about eighty years out of fashion.

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