Teeth and Ideas

Bad news:

  • I went to the dentist today, and she’s certain that both of my lower wisdom teeth will have to come out.
  • One of these is hurting a lot.
  • I don’t have an appointment to get them taken out yet. The doctor I originally wanted to go to doesn’t have time in the next two weeks because the colleague that she works with is sick.
  • I’m calling another doctor tomorrow to see about scheduling an appointment.

Good news:

  • We were at a good friend of ours today and played a board game called Tomb. It was fun, but deeply flawed in several ways.
  • This reminded me of how I used to design board games when I was a kid.
  • Which in turn led me to have an idea for a board game that would be absolutely fricking awesome. And I have decided to add it to the list of things I will be working on in the future.
  • I am considering whether it’s possible to create this as a do-it-yourself board game, where you can download everything from the internet and print it out yourself. Might be fun.

Anyway, I have taken my drugs and hopefully the pain will soon subside so that I can sleep.