Surgery! Surgery!

I’ve just found out that they shall be cutting out my wisdom teeth today.

Or, to be precise, they shall be breaking them in two and then scooping the leftovers out of my jawbone. Because it’s more fun that way.

Anyway, I’m terrified. When it comes to dentists and dentistry, my argh threshold is very low. Now that the tooth is also doing the whole swelling-and-infection thing, and hurts when I touch it, it’s probably a very excellent idea to take it out as quickly as possible, but… I’m still fucking terrified.

Needles. How I hate needles.


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  1. TJF588

    Urgh, yeah, the needles. Had a filling replaced, and while the only pain from the drilling or whatnot was the shrapnel (metal, ceramic, bone, whatever it was was hot) hitting my tongue, my jaw still hurts a bit where three needles’ worth of numb-er was pumped in. On of them…did it get pushed into my jawbone or something? Even though they applied some topical numb-er (to, seemingly, my upper jaw instead of the to-be-worked lower), it still had my hands tensed in discomfort, and the third felt like the fluid had forcibly squirted out (though it was probably just a horrible sensation shooting/pervading my tongue).

    tl;dr – The pre-procedure was the worst part (followed by post procedure). Don’t think I even wanna imagine what tooth removal will be like; hopefully your infectionation doesn’t make the going worse for ya.

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