More Talos Stuff, Mostly


Wow, that’s a creative post title, isn’t it? Sorry, my brain is currently out of order. I’m trying to finish up a big batch of bureaucratic buffoonery just after catching a catastrophic cold and having a horrific headache, so I’m a bit out of sorts.

News and stuff:

  • RPS published a lovely The Talos Principle preview.
  • Speaking of which, you can currently play the demo on Steam!
  • Speaking of something different, I’m pretty sure I’m completely done polishing A Postcard From Afthonia and hopefully only a few days away from making it available to you all.
  • But I’m not setting a date because every time I do, something awful happens.
  • Oh, and there’s a Talos group on Facebook.
  • And a Steam group, where you can also maybe win something.
  • Finally, Talos is a being from Greek mythology and has nothing to do with Skyrim, except that they nicked the name. I actually grew up with the story of Talos and was always fascinated by it; I’ve forgotten a lot of the mythology I was taught as a child, but that story stuck with me.