Calculating Approach Vector

It’s gotten a bit quiet around here (and on the Lands of Dream site) lately, but this is a temporary situation. I’ve had some health issues – my thrice-cursed teeth, my overzealous stomach – and tedious bureaucratic things to deal with, but I am now preparing to launch back into making stuff. We’ve already filmed two new episodes of The Starving Artists’ Kitchen, I’m experimenting with various tools to see what my next game will be, and I’ve got several articles and stories bubbling away in my brain. 2012 is far from over!

Not that it’s been too bad so far, creatively speaking. In the first half of the year I released Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale, Traitor, The Fabulous Screech and The Sea Will Claim Everything, in addition to a fair bit of blogging, the first episodes of The Starving Artists Kitchen, multiple Oneiropolis Compendium entries and even a poem. I can do better, but considering the depressing combination of poverty, shitty weather, and taxi drivers, it’s been a fairly productive few months.

The struggle continues!


  1. James Patton

    Ouch on the teeth front. :S You put me in mind of some Poe-inspired torturee; something between Berenice and the Pit and the Pendulum.

    And I’m very, very glad to hear you’re still making stuff! I’m aware TSWCE didn’t do as well as we’d all hoped but I’m sure everyone who frequents this blog (and many others who’ve been touched by your works without necessarily knowing who made them) would be a lot poorer if you stopped making things.

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