Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale

A shepherd returns home.

A text-based game without puzzles, challenges or wrong choices. There’s just the path that you take and the things that you see. Think of it as an afternoon stroll through an ancient landscape.

Created with Twine.

It’s gentle, beautiful and elegant as it takes your hand and soothes you through its journey of lyrical and playful words.
Indie Games Magazine

Arcadia’s a narrative delight.

It’s a rather delightful thing, this game – perfect for the season despite being set in the summer months, full of whimsy and beauty and light and, interestingly, entirely text-based.

I have to admit I was impressed with its rich setting, its subtly subversive ideas, its whimsical creatures and the sheer quality and quantity of its words.
Gnome’s Lair

Arcadia: a Pastoral Tale elevates the oft undervalued browser game onto the loftier plane of artistic poignancy.
Jay is Games

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