The Fabulous Screech




The Fabulous Screech is a beautifully judged tale with a massive heart and one of my favourite things of the year so far.

It manages to be both very funny and very touching, as well as demonstrating an acute understanding of the way cats use their owners and their owners are grateful for it.
Rock Paper Shotgun

This heartfelt little game is a wonderful piece of perspective and surrealism that definitely should not be missed. Give it a play, and then give someone a hug.
Jay is Games

Unless you’re an unrepentant cynic, The Fabulous Screech is probably going to make you melt a little on the inside.

Once again, Jonas shows us just how beautiful life can be…
Indie Game Magazine

The story, whilst also quite simple, is elegantly told, with the ending likely to bring a tear to the eye of all but the most hardened soul.
Adventure Gamers

Something so whimsical, so wonderful, so obviously yet collectively personal, so subtle, so funny, so deeply touching, that, well, I was touched. Really, actually touched.
Gnome’s Lair

Your partner has bought you ticket for the season’s last performance by The Fabulous Screech and His Trained Humans, so you travel to Oddness Standing to see this unique show…

The history of this game:

This very short game has a peculiar background. A few months ago I was approached by someone called Angie to create a present for her boyfriend, Matt. Money being short, this was to be a combined Christmas, Valentine’s Day and anniversary present. He was a fan of my games, especially the ones set in the Lands of Dream, so this could be a really special gift for him. Now, this isn’t how I normally work, and there were other things I was supposed to be working on, but how can you say no to being part of something so sweet? So I said yes.

I thought a bit about what sort of game to make, until eventually it became clear to me that I needed to go back to Oddness Standing, the setting of The Book of Living Magic, and make a game about one of the most memorable characters from that town. Strangely enough, it probably ended up being the most personal game I’ve ever made.

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