Known Issues: A Letter

I just got this letter from The Mysterious-Druid:

Dear Jonas,

While those incredibly unpleasant goons were rampaging through Underhome, a number of bugs must have crept in from the outside and dug themselves into the portal. As a result, there are some minor problems here and there, though thankfully nothing that could keep anyone from coming over and helping us. Here’s a list:

  • Patrick’s food doesn’t disappear from the inventory after you give it to him. Mostly this is because Patrick is so nice and wants you to keep some of it, but really the portal shouldn’t let him do that.
  • The amulet in Olwynion reappears after it’s been handed to Borin. Well, it’s actually a chameleon mushroom and not the actual amulet, but it’s confusing.
  • When using the alchemy machines, it is possible to accidentally summon or create various creatures, including a bear. Some of them then refuse to leave, forcing the portal’s user to close it and restart. The autosave feature means that this isn’t actually a terrible problem, but it’s still inconvenient, so some kind of Bear Suppression Code is necessary.
  • In some cases, the Wall of Text has some issues which remind me of the creatures you call ‘typos’. I don’t know if they’re related to the bugs I mentioned before (perhaps they are larvae?), but I thought it would be prudent to remove them.
  • In one case, the Oracle does not wish to talk about Mayor Kranion. She was a bit grumpy but I’ve talked to her and it will be alright.
  • The music volume resets to maximum in unpredictable ways. This is because one of the bugs is tickling the musical instruments in the portal.

All in all, I’m actually surprised the bugs haven’t done more damage. I feel bad about allowing them into the portal, of course, but the circumstances were so extreme that I’m rather glad I managed to create the portal at all. Anyway, I’m sending you some genetic material you can put into your end of the portal that should fix these issues. It should arrive in a couple of days.

Yours sincerely,

The Mysterious-Druid