I have to postpone everything for today. Verena has been hit by a car and is in the hospital. She’s OK but she’s injured and she seems to have a hairline fracture in her spine. We’ll know more after the MRI. I’m just grabbing some books and clothes and going back to the hospital. Patches, updates, etc. will obviously have to wait. This is a pretty terrible situation. At least there are no broken bones and she’s fine mentally (no amnesia or anything). Wish us luck.

Edit: So, the fracture has turned out not to be a fracture, but a strangely-shaped vertebra. This is a genetic thing and not really an issue right now, so that’s good. Everything else is still pretty terrible, of course, but there’s a pretty good chance Verena can come home tomorrow. It’ll take quite a while until she’s OK again, but at least she’ll be able to relax. The hospital staff are nice, but spending all day in a room with moaning, suffering people and next door to a paranoid delusional screaming about how everyone is trying to kill her is… trying.