Lands of Dream Donation Drive

Every day caravans leave from the Edge of the World that take travellers to the Lands of Dream. The caravans are free, but there are other costs the traveller must consider; not least of all the cost of spending so much time away from the obligations of our world.

We have done our best to bring something of the Lands of Dream into your lives: by opening a window to the House at Desert Bridge, by setting down a tale of the Book of Living Magic – and even now we are preparing to tell you the troll’s tale known as Ithaca of the Clouds.

But now, unfortunately, the costs of travelling so often to the Lands of Dream have caught up with us, and we are in need of assistance. However, we do not wish to simply beg (again), and so we have concocted the following plan.

NOTE: This is currently on hold until we catch up with the existing orders. If you don’t mind waiting a long time, you can donate anyway.

When we asked for donations for what was then simply the untitled Troll Game, we didn’t know it would turn into quite the massive project it has turned into, considerably delaying the donators’ pleasure at seeing themselves in the game. So we’d like to offer you something else, something more direct, in exchange for your support.

For each 10$ donation we receive, we will seek, examine and describe a creature, plant or location from/in the Lands of Dream. The images will be in the style of our upcoming children’s book – i.e. like The Book of Living Magic, but much smoother. The text… well, you know what the Lands of Dream are like.

For slightly bigger donations (25$), we will even frame the image and send it to you. Yes we will.

For those of you who have even more money at your disposal (50$), larger framed images are also an option (approximately A4-sized). They are quite lovely to have on one’s wall. International shipping costs are included, of course. (Same goes for the 25$ option.)

In all cases the image and text will also be posted here, and later perhaps on a separate website. Unless you want to donate anonymously, this will also include a link to your website and a thank-you. If your regular email and your PayPal email don’t match, make sure to let us know!

Think of it like this: you can help support two people who are doing everything they can to create unique and interesting stories in many artforms, and at the same time help create a compendium of the weird and wonderful creatures of the Lands of Dream.

[To see the results of your support, have a look at the Oneiropolis Compendium.]


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  2. @gnome: Expect a second package from us, then. The first one is on its way.

    @Sarah: Sent you an email. Of course you may request either of those creatures. Cats most definitely exist in the Lands of Dream (some of them probably think they run the place), and I’m sure there are also quite a few dogs. We’ll let you know when we find an interesting specimen.

  3. James Patton

    Donated! Can I request some sort of university/intellectual location? Plenty of books and poety people, that sort of thing.

    Also, I know your internet is massively problematic right now so there’s no hurry with sending the picture. And since I live overseas (in the UK) and it’ll be quite a big package, are you sure you don’t want a contribution towards shipping costs?

  4. Frank

    Any possibility to donate in a Paypal-free way? I cancelled my Paypal-account in connection with that Wikileaks-thingy months ago, but would like to help anyway…

  5. There must be some way; I’ll look into it. (Thanks! And go you for cancelling, I ended up having to go back to using it because there was no other way to get paid for my flash games. Makes me feel rather hypocritical, to be honest.)

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  7. If the website of the German post office is to be believed, international shipping costs are the same to just about everywhere, and the price mostly depends on the weight. We’re not entirely certain how heavy the pictures are with the frames (the frames are very simple and colourful, fitting the style of the images), but we’ll probably be paying something like 3.50€ for the small pictures and between 7€ and 12€ for the big ones (we’ll see). That means we’re not making that much money, and if anyone wants to pay for their shipping costs I’ll let them know how much it comes down to, but no-one has to pay for them, since we’re still getting at least some money out of the deal.

  8. Thyll

    Hmmm… I’m on the fence about donating.

    Also, if I do donate, how much will it cost to ship to Canada? I’ll probably factor in at least a part of it in the payment.

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  10. My bad, looks like I’m a bit late to the party judging by these reply dates. ^^ Oh well, I hope my donation helps you guys make more Land of Dream games. 😀 I love this series so much, The Sea Will Claim Us All will be an instant-buy. (I’d play Desert Bridge but my system is too new)

  11. lin

    Just wanted to add a line here, so as not to clutter your mailbox even more, since things sound really crazy for both of you right now: I wasn’t saying I can wait just to be nice. I can wait. Add me on the very very back end of the line. ‘Nough said. Breath in, breath out, all is good, you two will be alright. You sound like you’re on a good upwards spiral, enjoy the rush, remember to stop and smell the roses.

  12. Sorry for the spam. ^^ Just wanted to echo lin’s sentiment, I can wait, you two are awesome, I can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor, and you have been a massive inspiration even though I just found out about you a few days ago, you capture what it means to play video games for me.

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