Notes from Inside a Duck

These bullet points were found inside a hollowed-out duck in orbit around Ganymede:

  • The Book of Living Magic is featured in PC Gamer’s This week’s best free PC games. I suspect the word “prosaic” is unintentionally misused here (niggle niggle pedant bunny), but otherwise the review makes me very happy. There is an audience for these games, dammit! If only more sponsors would realize that, it would be financially feasible for me to tell lots more Lands of Dream stories.
  • There’s now also a page on this website about The Book of Living Magic. It contains the Making Of videos, in case you haven’t seen them.
  • We have lots of cool stuff coming up tomorrow. Reviews. Articles. Cooking. Yes.
  • Have you read Where We Come From over at Electron Dance? It’s a series of articles about gaming that makes for some highly worthwhile reading.
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  1. Thank you for the kind words on Where We Came From, Jonas. I would’ve said so earlier but I’ve been going hammer and tongs at something special for the final week.

  2. It really is excellent. Some of the best games journalism I’ve read in a while. Or ever. There’s a seriousness to it and a lack of pretension that I find very appealing.

  3. You can’t tell but I’m in the corner blushing over here. And feeling a little anxious because the final essay is, uh, a little different and depending on the eye of the beholder… pretentious =)

  4. Nah, I doubt it’ll be pretentious. It might be emotional and/or deeply serious and/or analytical, but you haven’t written anything pretentious so far, and I don’t think you’ll start now.