Why, hello there! Are you a composer?

I’m looking for a composer for my upcoming game Catroidvania: Communist Space Cats of Venus. I imagine the music as being rather oldschooly, perhaps chiptune though not necessarily so. As the title should imply, the game has a silly, upbeat tone, with the occasional B-movie element – but it’s relatively important to me that the music also be melodic. That all sounds rather vague, of course, since I’m not really a composer, and I’m open to suggestions and ideas.

Further points:

  • Payment will be in the form of a percentage of the sponsorship.
  • I imagine the game will need about 5 tracks, two rather short ones (intro & ending) and three normal ones. We’ll see. I’d love to have a ton of music, but file sizes are always an issue with Flash.
  • The game is silly, but it is not a satire of socialist ideas. So if you are the type who regularly reads Big Hollywood and is afraid of communists taking over the government, this probably isn’t for you.

If you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be, it’s a game about space cats), please send me an email via the Contact form, ideally with a link to some samples of your work.

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