Shouting silently from slippery rooftops

I’m in a weird place right now. On the one hand, there’s a Matt Chat interview with me on the internet, which still feels utterly surreal. On the other hand, it’s been surprisingly hard to get any publicity for The Book of Living Magic, despite the rather warm reception it’s gotten from players. Talk about mixed signals, man. Should I feel like I’m finally getting some acknowledgement or like I’m being totally ignored? My brain’s all confused! So here’s a video of a tiny kitten.

I also feel totally hyperactive. I want to make games and play games and write books and read books and make movies and watch movies and and and and… aah! Not having a better way of releasing this energy (like getting published, or having better tools for making games, or having the money to make movies) is driving me maaaaaaaad. I have stories to tell! Someone give me a venue! Two venues! Five venues! Listen up, Hollywood, I’ll write you some awesome screenplays that aren’t remakes or sequels while also writing novels on the side and designing games in my free time while doing preproduction for several movies in my sleep. I have enough creative energy to obliterate a solar system and all the enthusiasm you could possibly ask for in a human. Someone just give me a chance! I just need enough money to survive and not have to worry about the rent and/or cat food.

If I don’t get that chance one of these days, I’ll start moping. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m moping.