The Book of Living Magic – Progress Report 3

Been buried in work, but things are going great.

  • The music is all done, and it’s fabulous!
  • I didn’t have to change the size of the graphics as I had feared I might have to.
  • I’m writing the main game content. Progress is rapid and silly.
  • After some worrying about whether I could do it, I’ve discovered that I can indeed still write about the Lands of Dream; in fact, I discovered how much I really love doing just that.
  • I’m really, really excited about the game.
  • My arm hurts like hell from too much clicking, which is slowing me down.
  • I’m still really excited.
  • New video tomorrow.
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  1. Looking forward to this one, Jonas! The Lands of Dream is your world. The Desert Bridge was only a tiny part of it, despite having such a huge story, and I hope we’ll get to see the rest of the Lands of Dream.

  2. Exciting! And you think you’ve clicked too much… Hah! Try digitizing half of mainland Greece by hand (well, mouse) in less than a month then….

  3. If you digitized half of mainland Greece… WHY IS IT STILL THERE?

    *scary music*



    I am so excited! Hooray! I’m gonna go tell all the little girls in my bordello! 😀

  5. James Patton

     /  April 2, 2011

    I am very excited 😀 Glad to hear it’s all progressing smoothly and, equally importantly, that you’re having such a ball making it! There are more than enough made-by-the-numbers games so it’s great that this is having so much enjoyment poured into it.

  6. @ Jonas: Still haven’t come with a smart answer. How pathetic…