The Bolshevik in the Borderlands

My new article for the Escapist is up: The Bolshevik in the Borderlands (I didn’t come up with that title, but I rather like it).

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  1. Excellent piece. Just excellent. Never thought Borderlands could be this intriguing mind, despite having at least two bolshevik-loving friends deeply enjoying it.

  2. The corporate satire in the Zombie Island DLC alone makes it worth playing.

    (The Claptrap Revolution DLC makes some rather petty jokes about revolution, but it was not developed by the same people, and it shows in all areas. Then again, it at least still has a wonderfully evil corporate dude.)

    Apart from the politics, though, Borderlands is simply full of brilliant details – it’s clearly a game made with a lot of love.

  3. I hope you’re proud of yourself: now I have to go play this thing.

  4. Who is your favourite character and why?

    Only ever played sniper, and it seemed like a good choice while playing.
    Eagle was horrible, but you gets tons of chances to use long range weapons and hardly ever are you in a horrible situation to use them.

  5. My favourite character is probably Brick, especially in multiplayer. In single player I adored Mordecai – whose bird, by the way, can be very powerful if skill points are invested in it.

    Having played all the characters for some time, though, I think that all of them are great fun.

  6. jm

     /  March 31, 2011

    You really love this game, huh? Didn’t buy it back home, too expensive, but here in Pirate Paradise, I guess it won’t be hard to get.

  7. jm

     /  March 31, 2011

    @gnome: Unfortunately, in Pirate Paradise, I don’t have access to Youtube.

  8. @jm: That’s just horribly horrible. I’ll sing it for you.

  9. Lord_Beric

     /  April 4, 2011

    This article would be how I found my way here last week, and here I remain.