Ha-haa! No-one can defeat my Ascidian Accelerator!

Random news! With bullet points!

  • Verena is working on graphics for my next game. As always, I strive to make each work different from the rest, and I can happily say that this game will be unlike any other game of mine. This one will be very simple, but I think fairly unique in its setting and subject matter. I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say more. It should be finished in about a month.
  • And then we’ll see about The Troll Game.
  • Lately I have been utterly enchanted by Somewhere In The World It’s Midnight, and the angry poetry of that song.
  • This has been making the rounds on the internet, but it’s so true.
  • Baby Tiger!
  • Have you read Verena’s amusing review of Dragon Age: Origins?
  • An article about 9/11 and Wikileaks that is worth reading, even if you have some doubts about the whole “failure to connect the dots” thing.
  • Prank phone calls really do nothing more than prove how childish you are, dear annoying person. Accusing others of being evil masterminds and then phone-stalking them doesn’t exactly prove your point.
  • This WSWS.org article on the Hungarian toxic waste disaster is also worth reading.
  • TVTropes really is a great illustration of everything that’s wrong with the internet. Is there a gland responsible for the overproduction of snark? What is evident is that too much snark kills intelligence, and thinking in categories disables critical thinking.
  • I cleared another 200GB from my hard drive. Such fun.
  • Having recently discovered Good Old Games, I have bought myself several old games and am very happy about that. Playing Might and Magic 6 now, which is just awesome, though we have kind of gotten sidetracked by the release of Arcania: Gothic 4. Still, there are good games to play, and that is excellent.
  • I have finished my first draft of the Escapist article and given it to a couple of trusted individuals to read. So far feedback has been good. Will send it to the editor tomorrow, and hope.
  • Working on my Nexus City script. Terribly excited about this project and hoping to get my draft of the second part of the game done by tomorrow.
  • Have felt the horror and the beauty of the human race very intensely lately. From aggressive proto-simian bastards who have nothing but fear and hate for anything that is not like them to shockingly kind and helpful people who go out of their way to be supportive and make others feel better or help them achieve their dreams. It’s like our society is this pile of turds, but if you look closely you will see gems shining in the stinky darkness, and the potential for so many more, if only it would rain a bit.

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