Gigabytes! So many gigabytes!

Yesterday I accomplished something really important: I made space on my harddrive by moving some files I didn’t need to the external. By “some files” I mean “several hundred gigabytes,” which explains why it took a fair amount of time. But now I finally have space enough to finish The Great Machine, aka The Infinitely Prolonged Film Project aka The Film That’s Going To Be So Strange It Will Melt Your Brain.

More The Urthona Revolution is coming soon, by the way. I’ve moved everything to the new host and am preparing for a regular one-update-a-week schedule.

Meanwhile, I’m writing for Commentarium (check out my review of Tucker & Dale vs Evil, a brilliant film), reading up for my Escapist article, and quietly contemplating my next film. And getting a short story ready for submission. And working on Nexus City. And… Christ, I think I’m getting hungry.

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