Yes, v1.1 has a bug. It’s almost certainly due to a tiny, tiny error somewhere. I am doing my best to fix it. Don’t play v1.1 – there’s no point.


Edit: looks like for some reason, a single line of code from v1.0 disappeared. It was probably an accident while I was changing the name of the folder the game saves to. The result was that the file which keeps the map data was getting deleted.

Edit Again: Tests seem to confirm this. In v1.1, dying caused the game to delete your found areas. With the line of code back, everything’s OK.

Last Edit: I’m uploading a patch.


  1. Dojutrek

    I tend to bug test quite thoroughly with giving up to the event proceedings. I apologize for any stress I’ve caused you and will just stop posting from here on out.

  2. Dojutrek

    Well, if you don’t mind my asking. Can’t you just patch over the exe and repair the code problem?

    If that’s possible then just release an update patch and call it 1.2, that way everyone can keep downloading and just update their version.

    Also, Patches might be the better way to go when it comes to disseminating updates. That way you could upload a 200MB every time there’s an improvement.

    Anyway, I’m still sorry about my little bug extravaganza in the post below.

  3. I can release patches, and I will; but I also want the main download to be up to date. The idea is that there will be both a patch and a proper main download on that page; but the uploading is so motherfucking slow that I still haven’t gotten there.

    Also, stop apologizing.

  4. BiggerJ

    Will you be uploading the patch as well as the fully-updated .exe, or will the patch have to wait another day because of that strange concept you call ‘sleep’?

  5. BiggerJ

    Man, I’ve got to relax. I’m just slightly annoyed because a cheap Australian Internet connection is being ‘shaped’, which means that I’ve downloaded so much that my connection will be slowed down until the start of next month.

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