Version 1.1

I’m going to do a proper post about this tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know that version 1.1 of Phenomenon 32 is now out. It runs on Windows 7, fixes some issues with the Reconstruction Workshop, and also comes with a changelog (thanks for the suggestion).

I haven’t uploaded a separate patch yet, only the whole installer, because uploading the game took hours and it’s now half past two in the morning. I need some sleep.


  1. DalaranJ

    (I’m using Windows 7.)

    It seems that when I back out of a level it removes all the icons from the map screen except for the locations inside the perimeter. The icons will reappear if old levels are beaten again, but there’s no way to get back the images of the first three locations outside of the perimeter.

  2. Dojutrek

    Alright, I found another bug with the Map system.

    I had just started my second play through and cleared the first two areas (Construction & Research). I had entered the Wasteland shortly there after and then immediately left via the entrance point (Left side). Well, the unlocked zones vanished when I returned to the map screen (Wasteland, Industrial, and Village).

    After a few minutes trying to figure out where the saves are now located, I backed up the borked saves and restarted. I got to the same point, quit and compared the files. Turns out the strings in the files weren’t there, It had deleted the unlocked zones.

    Simply restarting fixed the problem, but it’s a game breaking issue. If asked I will send both the borked and proper save states for reference purposes.

    (As a side note, this happened on an Windows XP system and with version 1.1, but the issue might manifest on another system. Simply deleting the saves fixes the problem.)

  3. Dojutrek

    Another Bug found. I could just randomly click around the map and get to the Com Towers without unlocking anything in between. No questions asked. I was underpowered, but I was able to enter the areas without restriction.

  4. Dojutrek

    Sorry for the Triple post. I started screwing around with the Borked save game I mentioned earlier. Through some testing and random clicking, I was able to enter the areas mentioned (Wasteland, Industrial, and Village). They still didn’t appear on the map however, even after completing them.

    Checking the save files again yielded some interesting results. The file named “file1c.ini” had been deleted from the save games folder by the game itself. Other files of that nature, file1a.ini for instance, remained intact even after clearing or failing to clear the areas mentioned in them.

  5. Dojutrek

    Well, more testing and more progress in the save game problem, Found out that it’s affected by the location of the Save games. 1.0 never had the issue I mentioned and the use of the Application Data folder in 1.1 seems to cause problems on my PC.

    Just a thought, why not just release a XP and Win7 Patch? Leave P32 as 1.0 on the site and then have players just patch up to the latest version.

    Anyway, it’s just a thought.

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