Games are never finished, they are compiled.

Upload speeds being what they are, it may be Saturday morning by the time Phenomenon 32 is released. But it will be released. It’s done. It works, and even if there are bugs, the save games should be compatible with new versions.

So let us say that the official release date for Phenomenon 32 is somewhere in the next 24 or so hours.

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  1. Carl Sagan

     /  May 7, 2010

    I hope you’re actually finished this time. I would very much like my head back.

  2. I do hope I can play it. Even if it lags horribly, I’ll play it (so long as it is playable with that much lag). I am determined to make this game work on my slow-ass and outdated PC!
    And, should I fail in this quest, prepare to be pelted with jellyfish. Yes.

  3. I can’t promise it will work for you; in fact, I fear it won’t. But I promise my next game will take less long to come out and will have much lower system requirements.

  4. Lovely. Very well, then, prepare to be covered in jellyfish!
    Also, when do you plan to release that bloody Avatar article? Will we have to wait 20 years for that, too, or will that one come out after Phenomenon 32 is uploaded? Or did you already post it, and I’m just in some sort of weird thyme space continuum nonsense vortex?

  5. The Avatar article is going to be long, and I’ve been busy. It’s already at four pages, though.