I’m still not out of my nervous breakdown. In fact, my right hand has started twitching to the point where I can hardly type. Maybe I’ve been sitting at this computer trying to fix this game for too long.

There’s one more thing I could try. I could try replacing Construct’s save feature with one of my own (the game already partially does this). That won’t fix the crashing but I think it will keep the files from being corrupted. But then, I thought the crashing had gone back to being minimal, and now it crashes all the time. It hadn’t crashed on me in something like a week.

But I can’t do this now. I’m so sick of sitting at the computer and trying to make this thing work. I can’t tell you how sick of it I am.

I’m not going to burden you with further whining, though. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. If it can be fixed, I guess I’ll release that version. If not, then it’s broken, and the last ten months were for nothing.


  1. Evil Roda

    It’ll be alright, Jonas. Everything always turns out alright in the end, even if it takes death. I hope I didn’t inadvertently make your nervous breakdown worse with that statement, but still.

  2. Dojutrek

    There’s always bugs and oddities when it comes to designing a game. It’s never a clean process, so don’t consider this to be any sort of a setback.

    Personally, I feel that your game is quite a brilliant piece of work and I really hope you continue working on this.

  3. boo_boo

    hmmm.. if you are’nt an programmer and having issues with code, maybe it’s time to collaborate with some programmer?
    first of all, there’s a chance that problems may be resolved just by analyzing the source code with the help of debugger.
    alternatively (in case of some ultimate flaw in Construct or in your code), buggy version of phenomenon32 may still be used as the working prototype to help re-implement the game properly. really, you’ve done scenario, graphics, audio, level design… pogram code is the simplest part among these.

  4. Kyle

    I was going to say essentially what boo_boo suggested. In fact, I can think of another of my favorite developers who did just that. He liked to focus primarily on the artwork and story writing, and on his own was able to produce a pretty popular point and click series. But when he started teaming up with a programmer and other folks, you could really see a marked improvement.

    Not that your work NEEDS marked improvement, I think you know in what esteem I hold your work. It’s just that finding a code monkey with whom you could seriously vibe I believe would not only allow you to produce great games, but also do wonders for your well being. It’s not been fun watching you go through this, and it would be terrible to have to see it again. Good luck on the fixes, but please don’t kill yourself over them. It wouldn’t be worth it.

  5. What all the good (and evil) people above said, plus: I encountered only one crash up to now, and that I caused by doing something rather bad to the game while it was running. But then, my skills in platforming are so bad, I’m still one third through the second area. And I don’t know whether it’s my PC, but things run fine here, and I’ll keep on trying to get through that area tomorrow.

  6. Played the version you posted a little bit. So far, the only weird thing that’s happened to me was that the game randomly closed on me. No idea if that was part of the problem or if I did something. I might have accidentally pressed Escape, but I don’t think so.

    Anyway, so far it seems pretty good. But there is one slight issue I have. It’s not a problem with the game; actually, it’s a minor complaint I have with the controls.

    Now, I read the manual (thanks for the thanks, by the way; I smiled), so I know how to pilot Carl Sagan’s head. Thing is though, the controls are a little… sensitive. Now, I don’t like controls that are slow, sluggish, almost unresponsive, and that make me groan with effort as if I’m pushing a heavy object. But sometimes, the controls are just a bit too responsive and I end up running into things that I didn’t want to hit, or I miss things that I did want to hit.

    Now, please remember that this is a just a minor complaint and nothing terribly important. If you continue working on the game and feel like slowing it down a tad, that’d be fine. If you don’t and feel like it’s good as it is, then don’t worry about it. I’ll adjust to it after a while; I always do. I grew up on video games, what’s one more “language” to learn?

    Excellent work, Jonas. I will continue the exploration.

  7. Jonas, I’d hate to see you get discouraged from making games by something like this. You’ve got a very good knack for storytelling in an interactive medium, and I’d hate to see that lost.

    Do take a break; version 0.9 is out, shall we call it that? It’s common enough for developers to release a game while it’s still buggy, and if it’s a good game players won’t mind. For the time being, chill out. You work better when you’re not stressed, so get some tea and take it easy for a while. You can announce yourself more officially when you hit the big 1.0, or now.

    I’m gonna download and play it today. I’ll E-mail you about any bugs I encounter and try to give you some solid info to help you track them down.

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