An Update! An Update!

Hi everyone,

First of all I’d like to say thanks for the many kind comments, emails, Facebook messages and so on. I appreciate your kindness and interest a great deal, and it’s made this situation a lot easier.

As a lot of people suggested, I took a day off. In fact I was going to work, but then I realized I was close to finishing Borderlands and decided to do that instead. It was fun. What an excellent game – but more about that another time.

I feel a little more relaxed than before. For a while, I was starting to behave as if every creative project of mine somehow depended on Phenomenon 32. But they don’t. Yes, I want the game out of the way before launching, relaunching Bob the Spider (into space), editing my film or writing my book. But then, the game is finished; it’s not like I need to make levels or record more audio.

So what now? Well, today I did figure out a way of redoing the save system so it isn’t affected by the crashes (which I can’t fix). It’s not as simple as using Construct’s built-in system, but it can be done. And I will begin implementing it tomorrow. Then I’ll release the game – probably as version 0.9, as Evan suggested.

And then I will get back to telling stories and creating fun things. I hope that, in the end, the stories are what people enjoy about my work; and that those who enjoy my computer games will also enjoy the other stories I have to tell. There’s so much that’s been building up in the last year that I’d love to get out: short stories, podcasts, videos, essays…

Despite a hellish January, I hope 2010 will be a hugely creative year – for all of us.

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