I give up.

Seriously. I can only take so much.

Now the save files go bad when the game crashes. I test this game for weeks and months and it’s always OK, and now it starts doing this. Now. Now that I want to release it.

My every attempt to finish this game has resulted in problems popping up where before everything was fine. Even when I change nothing about how something works, it suddenly starts doing something it shouldn’t.

I’m tired of this. I’m a writer, not a programmer, and I’ve been struggling with code for weeks now, day after fucking day.

So I give up. There, the universe wins. No more Phenomenon 32, just a broken semi-game for people to laugh at, or maybe feel pity for. And no more games from me. I’m tried of fighting to get an idea out of my head and having to reinvent the wheel every five minutes to do it.

I tried. I tried very hard. I gave up pretty much everything else to make this game. But it can’t be done. It just can’t be done. I failed. Life wins, I lose.

If you’re curious about what the game would’ve been like, you can still download the version from the previous post.


  1. Andrea

    Oh…well…(or better) bad.
    I just want to suggest to wait the final (and more stable) version of Construct…and try to re-export the project.
    It’s a pity…you don’t have to stop making games only for a “free-open-source game creator” failure.
    Circa 71 levels aren’t “nothing”…and if the “crash-and-corrupt” bug is not derivated from an end-user programming of Construct…well…it’s not your fault.

    Don’t give up.

  2. Guy

    Better move is to give us a workaround. Tell us where the save-files are, so we can back them up every time we launch the game. Andrea’s right, though. You have a substantial amount of content. If you must shelve this, then shelve it until 1.0 is released and then revisit things. It’s better to track this down now, while the codebase is still fresh in your mind, however.

  3. jm

    I’m sure you can find people who will help you playtest it and find those bugs. It may take time, but don’t give up on it. For the moment though, just take a deep breath, drink a tea, and get your mind on something else.

  4. Dojutrek

    I have to agree with both Guy and Andrea.

    You’ve done a stellar job with this title and I’m loving every second, but don’t give up on this masterpiece just because of a bug.

  5. Theo

    I think that the worst thing you can do with this project (and with every project you have come this close) is give up.
    There is a saying in Greece (maybe it’s not Greek,maybe it’s known in other countries as well):I would regret for something because I did it,rather than regret for not doing it.
    That’s the case here.You have come this close,and you will give up?
    You shouldn’t create it (when you will) because of us!You won’t have money for this,and every one who likes you (or the ones you like) should understand what you go through.
    So let the anxiety out of this and get it done,when you can.
    Not for us,for you

  6. Don’t give up. Enlist more experienced Construct coders, or make an auto-save-backup system, or just do an official release of the thing with the caveat that it’s got some bugs in it.

    You’re obviously frustrated at the moment, and that happens; it happens most every time I am nanoseconds away from finishing a game. But the way to make that frustration go away is to release the game and put it behind you. Fixing the remaining bugs will seem like a much smaller task if it’s just the bugs you’re working on and not the game as a whole.

    Heck, if you’re guilty about releasing a buggy version, then call it a public beta or alpha. Phenomenon 32 0.9. But do a proper release of some sort for yourself, so that the game doesn’t just languish and fester.

  7. Old Man Bill

    [Slaps Jonas across the face as hard as he can – fortunately not as hard as he used to be able to.]

    No. NEVER give up. I learned that from the best friends I’ve ever had. You can’t let this thing beat you. There’s worse things than even Urizen at work: your own self-doubt, self-pity and self-loathing. And you can’t ever let them win.

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