Phenomenon 32 Release Date (and this one is not changing!)

Writing from my father-in-law’s computer. Have found out that the only way to kill the evil thing on our computers is to format everything and reinstall the OS. On the positive side of things, the Phenomenon 32 files should all be OK. So I’m setting a release date. This one I will keep to, except in the case of death. (We’re getting on a plane tomorrow, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen.)

But if we’re still alive in January, no hacker or other idiot will keep me from releasing Phenomenon 32 on the 15th. I swear it in the name of Bob the Spider. Even if my computer melts and our cat bites my leg off, I will release the game on the 15th.

2009 has been a year of personal triumphs and professional/artistic disappointment. In 2010 things will stay excellent on the personal level, but my artistic output will catch up, and you will be bombarded with stories and games and movies and insanity. That too I swear in the name of Bob. And I will giggle with pleasure and delight as the idiot(s) responsible for this mess writhe with anger that all their idiocy didn’t stop me. Muahahahahaha!

OK, that’s it with the megalomania for now. Given a lack of plane death I will write again from Greece.


  1. Evil Roda

    What am I going to do with the hacker’s personal information?!?
    Whatever, I’ll just use their bank account, then when that’s dried up, I suppose I’ll proceed with my plans to eviscerate that writhing scumbag.

  2. Evil Roda

    Fuck no, I’m buying me a nuclear warhead. I’ve always wanted one of those, and now, I’ve finally got the resources! Definitely not passing this opportunity up. Fuck the UN, man, always keeping me down with their ‘resolutions of peace’. It’s all just a ploy by the man to make sure the US has more nukes, man, you know, man?

  3. I dunno, man. I’m all for peace and stuff, but I still think 10,000 outlet covers would be funnier than a nuke. There’s less death, and a lot more, “What the **** am I gonna do with all of these?!”

    Or you could buy him something even more useless. You’d have to think of that on your own, though.

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