Alive and in Greece

Despite a heavy snowstorm, we managed to get to Greece alive – if several hours late. Even driving from the airport to Thessaloniki turned out to be diffcult, thanks to the barbarians flooding the streets after a football game. Then we collapsed in bed and slept for 12 hours.

We’ll try to use our time here to finish the novels we’re writing and making plans for the creative explosion that will be 2010. There’s a lot to look forward to. New websites, old websites, a game, a movie or two, a web series… and hopefully a couple of novels. And we’re going to be approaching this in a much more organized fashion, so there will be fewer delays and postponements.

Accessing the internet via my parents’ 56k connection is less than easy, but there will be updates anyway. There’s a lot we wanted to write about but didn’t have time for before now.


  1. Evil Roda

    Glad to hear you got there safe, despite the snow.
    Snow here is causing a bit of a problem, too. I believe they said we got 18 inches, and we didn’t even get the worst of it. In the southern part of the state, they got 31 inches! That would be about five inches shy of three feet, and most people are like, what, five foot six, approximately?

  2. Theo Jannoplos

    You must mean Aris-Olympiacos…hehehe
    Living in Greece is almost never easy,especially if you are here temporarily.
    It doesn’t have snow in Halkidiki though,does it?

  3. No, thankfully all the snow was on the Germany side of the world. Here in Greece it’s quite warm by comparison! We’re still in Thessaloniki, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be snowing in Chalkidiki. Though that would be interesting, I guess.

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