Preview on the way

I’m hoping to have a nice little preview video of Phenomenon 32 up tomorrow. There’s a lot to do – the wedding is almost upon us – but I really want this thing out there.

Otherwise, I spent most of today building a level for Phenomenon 32 (the marshes) and coughing because of an annoying allergic reaction to my blood pressure medication. (Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. Just annoying.)


  1. JM

    Copying the games industry, are you? Announcing previews, countdowns to the presentation of new content and rumor-spreading is just annoying and spreading to every company. And to the independents, it would seem. If you have something to show, just show it, you don’t have to prepare your readers for it.

    Sorry, but this trend is getting out of hand.

  2. Your comment is right there. The blog ate it as spam, but I put it back.

    Also, how should I get the word out there without any kind of preview? Seriously, it’s kind of unfair to compare a blog post about a preview with the over-the-top PR shit of the industry. And I neither counted down to new content nor did I spread any rumours. I just let people know that the preview I’d mentioned a while ago will be going up soon.

    “If you have something to show, just show it” sounds wonderful, but I’d also like people to play the games that I make – and without previews, almost none of the indie gaming sites will actually write anything about the game, because they won’t have heard of it. Besides, a preview is very much like a trailer for a film – and I really don’t see what’s wrong with a trailer. If you have a problem, go complain at Nintendo or Sony or something. This is not even remotely appropriate.

  3. JM

    Wouldn’t it be much nicer to just post the preview? That’s a nice surprise for the reader of this site – he comes around here and sees a new trailer, pictures or whatever and thinks to himself “Ah, new stuff here, that certainly is something.” In the past, there were many instances where you promised something for the next days, and it didn’t happen. Sure, for understandable reasons, but still, when the promised content isn’t there, it sucks. Just do it, as Nike says.

  4. No, it wouldn’t, because it’s generally nice to keep people up to date as to what’s going on with my projects. That is the purpose of this site. I cannot control the unpredictable events that sometimes occur, but I can try to let people know what’s happening. Furthermore, if I never let people know what’s going on in the time periods where I’m just working, then no-one will be reading this site when something new does come out.

    Besides, it’s not your site, so what’s the big deal? What’s with the aggression, dude? It’s not like I keep posting about the preview. Even this post contained all of one sentence on the topic.

  5. JM

    Don’t take my criticism the wrong way. Here, I am writing as a visitor to this site, not as a friend. And being fed up with the way video game marketing is going nowadays, I just don’t want independents to go the same way. You can be more flexible and don’t have to worry about leaks, so why not accompany a post about the game with actual images at least. Build up the hype the right way. Of course, keeping readers up to date can be done just by words – e.g. “today I spend X hours and finished a level with this and that…” but going the route of announcing previews is just not doing it, for me at least.

  6. Yes, but your criticism is misplaced. I did not “go the route of announcing previews.” I just mentioned, as one of many things, that there’ll be a preview out soon.

    Also, what exactly is the point of the criticism? That the industry is showing too much or not showing enough? I don’t want to show too much and spoil people’s joy in the game, I just want to show enough for them to get a sense of what it might be like and whether they might like it. I have released several screenshots, and now I’m doing a preview video. What’s so bad about all this? How is this even remotely similar to the game industry?

  7. JM

    Alright, back here after watching Brüno. Really funny ^_^. I don’t really get all your question, as I already outlined whats bothering me – saying that something is gonna be there sometime in the next days instead of BANG! HERE IT COMES, I KEPT IT QUIET, BUT THIS SUPER-AWESOME TRAILER WILL ROCK YOU. That would be nice. Nothing too big, but still something that just bothered me, and not just here, but in gaming in general. Keep us excited with the content, not with more or less cryptic remarks about upcoming stuff.

    I don’t get how this sounds agressive – well maybe it does 😉 – but it’s meant as some constructive criticism. It’s your side, do whatever you want. For me, it’s just annoying if someone announces trailers or previews. I get the difference between you and a gaming company, but it doesn’t prevent me from drawing parallels.

  8. Keep us excited with the content, not with more or less cryptic remarks about upcoming stuff.

    But the idea that this is about keeping people excited with cryptic remarks is yours, not mine. At best you could say that my mentioning of the marshes level is cryptic, but I don’t really think that would be fair. Beyond that, this was nothing but a small update on the preview issue. And it’s not like people didn’t know about the preview before, since I had posted to ask whether doing a preview was a good idea in the first place.

    Really, I think of all the game developers out there I am probably one of those who have hyped their games the least. I almost never say anything about what I’m working on. And to some degree, that may have been a mistake. Anyway, who cares, I have work to do.

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