Phenomenon 32 Preview

Any help in spreading the word will be appreciated greatly. You know how it is for indie developers – lacking oversized and overpaid PR departments, we rely absolutely on the support of our fans and friends.

(And yes, quite obviously I could not bring myself to do a “straight” preview. But I rather like this.)


  1. This looks BEAUTIFUL! Do you have a rough estimate as to when you’ll release?

    So many factors right now – could be anything from next week to next month. September at the latest, I’d guess, though you never know. I might always be gripped by megalomania and decide to expand it.

    Glad you guys liked it!

  2. JM

    Now THATS what im talking about. I’ll see if there’s a fitting thread on Neogaf. You should have signed up there years ago. It’s dominated by video games, but you can’t go without it. Clearing your account can take up to a year, so you better do it now.

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  5. Wow. Fantastic! I think you just read my mind and came up with exactly the next game I’d make if I could stop being lazy… 🙂

    I’ll be really looking forward to this. Good luck with the coding!

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