Not on Steam Sale

The Sea Will Claim Everything and a whole bunch of other indie games are on sale right here:

Not on Steam Sale

We love Steam. But there are lots of great games you can’t currently find there! Discover some of them here, and support indie development.

The minimum amount off is 25%, but many games – including TSWCE – are even cheaper. A great opportunity to support some of the smaller indie developers and get some awesome games for relatively little money.

If you already own TSWCE, remember that you can also get a copy for your grandmother, cat and/or imaginary friend.


  1. Hi there,

    I’m new to your wonderful world of games, but I picked up TSWCE from the Not on Steam sale, and I’m glad I did. I’m about two hours into the game and I’m enchanted.

    I run a small-scale indie games blog and I will absolutely run a feature on your game once I’ve played through it.

    I’m really enjoying the experience so far. Thank you for making such a beautiful game.

    A new fan,

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